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Metal Transcripts "A T" (solid thin metal Letters / logos) - metallic metal labels 

        Another elegant way to promote your brandnames...

The finest in 3-D letters, metal letters, metal transfers, metal logos, metal labels, gold logos, silver logos, piano decals, metal decals, gold decals, silver decals             

Mila Displays - Transcripts AT Solid Metal Letters & Metal Logos


Gloss Gold - 24k Gold Plated 


  Gloss Silver - Nickel Palladium


Matte Gold


Matte Silver


Brushed Silver


Gloss Rose


Gloss Charcoal/Black


Extremely Fine Details


Customized to match your font and logo
Prespaced on a carrier for easy application
Highest Quality Tooling

Low Minimum  Quantities

Gloss gold metal transfers as piano lettering

Logo metal decals, self adhesive metal transfers

2-tone matte and gloss silver

Mila Displays - Transcripts AT Solid Metal Letters & Metal Logos
Piano decals, metal piano lettering
Mila Displays - Transcripts AT Solid Metal Letters & Metal Logos
Crisp, tiny, intricate details, gloss gold
letters and logos
letters and logos
letters and logos
letters and logos
letters and logos
letters and logos

            Matte Silver

Used on displays, showcases, store fixtures, musical instruments; on the product itself! 

Works great on pianos, guitars, cigar boxes

Jewelry Displays, Electronics, Invitations


Extremely Fine Details


The small metal letters are created through an electroforming process.  These small metal letters and logos are self-adhesive, prespaced on a carrier, and easily applied as metal transfers


These fine solid metal electroformed letters, metal decals, and metal logos are terrific for pianos as piano lettering, piano labels, piano decals, electroformed nameplates.  

Please contact us regarding piano soundboard decals and soundboard labels.  
Also fallboard labels and fallboard decals.


Please take your time in exploring our website.  We have photographed a large number of examples at high quality resolution allowing you to see all of the fine details.  We specialize in creating and manufacturing the largest portfolio of signage options in the brand identity market, including automotive name plates, auto emblems, acrylic name plates, etched glass name plates, raised dimensional letters, metal name plates, cut letters, piano decals, piano labels, fallboard decals, soundboard decals, plastic name plates, decals, metal decals, engraved name plates, recognition awards, custom labels, printed labels, plastic cards, jewelry tags, plastic string tags, fall board labels, soundboard labels, piano labels, apparel clothing tags, window signs, counter top signs, domed labels, warranty cards, along with our complete selection of watch display supports, watch cuffs, and watch display accessories.

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