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Mila Displays Inc. - Premium Custom Brand Identity Signage

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Raised Mylar Prespaced
Raised 3D Polyester
Plastic Nameplates
Injection Molded
Glass Nameplates
Glass Signs
Automotive Nameplates
Car Badging
Raised metallic lettering embossed Mylar custom letters scripts dimensional chrome signage 3-D graphing prespaced letters self adhesive Plastic nameplates injection molded Raised 3-D emblems badges wax seals  Glass nameplates plaques blocks invitations etched color filled crystal awards architectural signs engraved Automotive nameplates & automotive emblems auto badges, chrome emblems decals car badges chrome truck emblems auto letters chrome car letteringAutomotive nameplates & automotive emblems auto badges, chrome emblems decals car badges chrome truck emblems auto letters chrome car lettering
Embossed Mylar Scripts Plastic Nameplates Glass Nameplates Automotive Nameplates / Emblems
3-D Molded Plastic
& Metal
Metal Nameplates
Metal Signs  Metal Tags
Acrylic Nameplates Plexiglass
Acrylic Signs & Blocks
Plastic String Tags
for Jewelry and Watches
  Metal Nameplates Etched Aluminum Stainless Steel Tags Aluminum copper nickel cast electroformed die struck sublimation 4-color Signs flexible pewter acrylic nameplates, logo blocks, acrylic displays, plexiglass nameplates, acrylic signage, brand identity, acrylic name plates, acrylic signs Plastic molded string tags swing jewelry watch hotstamped clothing perfume fragrance wax seal domed
Plastic Letters / Scripts Metal Nameplates / Metal Signs Acrylic Nameplates Plastic String Tags
 Transcripts - Metallic Labels
Fine Metal Logos
Industrial Metal Nameplates
 Tags and Plates
Urethane Resin Domed
Embossed Labels - Doming
 Metal Jewelry
Transcripts AT fine solid metal logos letters thin labels 3-D transfers piano music decals gold silver plated Resin Coated Domed Labels & Urethane Doming Decals Industrial metal Nameplates ID Tags Rerate Plates Valve OSHA UL PSI Control Safety Serial Rebuilt Voltage Testing Etched Aluminum Stainless Steel
Transcripts A T Industrial Metal Nameplates, Tags Resin Domed Labels Metal Jewelry Tags
 Cut Dimensional letters
Large Wall Logos
Metal Cards VIP
Membership Business Cards
Metallized Plastic Nameplates
and Signs
Plastic Wax Seal
Style Tags
Cut Dimensional Letters Metal Cards Metallized Plastic Nameplates Wax Seal String Tags
Premium Chromes
Stock Chrome Letters & Numbers
Bent Nameplates
Tent Style Signs
Laser Cut Acrylic
Letters / Logos
 PVC String Tags
 and Labels
Chrome letters -  Premium Chromes Bent / Tent Window & Shelf  Signs Laser Cut  Letters & Logos PVC Tags
  Milled Aluminum
Brass Signs
 Embossed Labels
Garment & Clothing StringTags
Product Tags
Milled Nameplates Labels & Embossed Labels Textile Tags
Embossed Aluminum Nameplates  Plastic Cards / Warranty Cards
Embossed Aluminum Nameplates Plastic Cards Warranty Cards
Watch Supports, Watch Holders, & Watch Display Accessories 
watch displays watch display watch supports watch cuffs watch stands Plastic watch supports & watch holders
Plastic watch stands and watch bases; watch display
Specialty watch cuffs, leather cuffs,  pocket watch displays
Custom molded letters, logos, embossed letters, metal letters, 3D logos, letter decals, 
domed logos, and letter scripts are produced with the finest tooling available
Custom auto emblems, injection molded plastic name plates, metal name plates, 
embossed aluminum name plates, solid brass aluminum & 
stainless steel emblems that are top-of-the-line quality and design
Bent aluminum, acrylic, brass, stainless steel (also tent signs) and etched metal nameplates / signs, raised graphics 
on molded plastic signs, silk-screen printing or raised graphics on milled solid brass or aluminum nameplates
Custom molded string tags, logos, etched metal tags, jewelry tags, metal jewelry tags, plastic tags, brand tags, logo tags; 
all string tags are produced with the finest tooling, and hot stamped & printed with premium foils and inks
Domed labels, embossed domed labels, plastic cards, printed cards, resin domed decals, metal warranty cards, door tags, gift cards, loyalty cards, 
luggage tags, key tags, guarantee cards, membership cards, POP signage, credit cards, advertising promotion, hospitality
We specialize in creating and supplying the largest portfolio of custom signage options in the brand identity market.  
Please take your time in exploring our Mila Displays Inc. website.  We specialize in creating and manufacturing the largest portfolio of brand identification signage options in the brand identity market.  It includes automotive name plates, auto emblems, acrylic name plates, etched glass name plates, raised dimensional letters, metal name plates, cut letters, plastic name plates, decals, engraved name plates, recognition awards, custom labels, printed labels, plastic cards, jewelry tags, plastic string tags, apparel clothing tags, window signs, counter top signs, domed labels, warranty cards, along with our complete selection of watch display supports, watch cuffs, and watch display accessories.   Thank you, Mila Displays Inc.


We use glass etching techniques, silkscreen printing, metal etching, injection molding, resin doming, acrylic fabrication, embossing, etc.


Embossed Mylar Scripts l Plastic Scripts l Resin Scripts l Transcripts AT l Plastic Nameplates 


Metal Nameplates l Automotive Nameplates l Embossed Aluminum Nameplates l Plastic String Tags l Metal Cards


Wax Seal String Tags l Metal Jewelry Tags l Textile Apparel String Tags l Glass Signs & Nameplates l Plastic Cards


Glass Awards l Acrylic Signs & Nameplates l Milled Brass & Aluminum Nameplates l Laser Cut Letters & Logos


Metallized Nameplates l Bent / Tent Signs l Resin Domed Labels & Domed Decals l Labels & Embossed Labels


Plastic Cards l Warranty Cards  Solid Brass Nameplates l Stainless Steel Nameplates l PVC String Tags


Injection Molded Nameplates Watch Supports & Watch Cuffs l Watch Display Accessories  I Auto Badges & Emblems


Cut Letters l Logo Plaques l Showcase & Window Signs l Tags Nameplates I Metal Tags I Industrial Metal Nameplates & Tags

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